As the name implies, colonial shutters hint of an earlier time. A time before air conditioning, television, and the hustle and bustle of modern life. A time when people closed their shutters at night and drank deeply of the evening air. A time when people listened to the sounds of nightfall, or sat together simply enjoying dusk and the darkness. Our colonial shutters add a beautiful decorative touch and are fully operational to allow you to experience life at a slower pace. When open, colonial shutters are hinged to the side of your window to offer an unobstructed view. When closed and locked, colonial shutters offer much better security than similar wood or aluminum products. If our colonials are installed on your vacation home, they can offer a measure of protection from storms and sun damage in your absence. Closed colonial shutters also make an effective barrier against wind, rain, hail, snow, and other harmful climatic occurrences.

Series Available: Decorative, Storm
The most widely used shutter application
Can be used as operable shutters providing protection or fixed shutters.
*Hardware and shipping are available, but not included.
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Hollow Fiberglass Louver

Our decorative shutter consists of a fiberglass hollow louver with a fiberglass frame and comes in colonial or Bahama styles. It can be used as a decorative shutter that is fixed-mounted in place or, with mounting hardware, can be a fully operational shutter providing protection from rain and snow. The Bahama shutter is an excellent choice for a sun-shade which will block harsh sunlight while letting cool breezes in. The louvers are spaced apart allowing air to flow thru for ventilation. Our shutter is custom sized to fit almost any opening. We also have a board and batten shutter which is available in increments of 4” widths such as 12”, 16”, 20” etc.

The frame (or the styles and rails) are made of an extra dense fiberglass that is very strong. The material is protruded into a rectangular tube that is hollow. The wall thickness is about 3/16” and composed of several layers of fiberglass. The surface texture is smooth and the material does not rot or warp. Unlike aluminum products it does not corrode and is unaffected by electrolysis. It is the perfect product for regions of salt or high humidity.


The paint is a two component acrylic polyurethane which uses a spray application. The resulting finish has excellent long life characteristics. We do custom color matching at no extra charge. The gloss has been lowered to give a beautiful sheen which more closely matches house paints without the harsh look of a high gloss finish. The paint won’t peel or flake and later, should you decide to refinish, simply clean with ethylene or acetone and paint with almost any finish right over the factory coat.


Our shutters can accept various styles of hardware from almost any manufacturer or we have our own line of heavy duty stainless steel. Powder coated colored hardware is available at an extra charge.


Hollow fiberglass louver shutters have a limited lifetime warranty against rotting, splitting or warping for residential purposes. For commercial purposes, the shutters have a limited 25 year warranty. The paint is warranted for 10 years against peeling, flaking or loss of adhesion. Normal fading which results in color loss is not covered.