A Legacy that Lasts

Sea Shutters, Inc. began in Panama City, FL in 1996. Our founder, Michael Harris, was a general contractor and master carpenter who built custom homes for distinguished clients in Orlando and on the Florida Gulf Coast. During his many years in the construction industry, Mike frequently saw wooden shutters that were not suited to ocean front properties, and that were often replaced after just a few years in the elements.

Our Success

Our Success

In 1996, Mike founded Sea Shutters, which was the first company in the world to market and sell an entirely fiberglass shutter. Mike knew that fiberglass was a superior product due to his many years as an avid fisherman and was able to design a new type of shutter that has a life expectancy of 70+ years. Our original jobs were hand poured fiberglass shutters that broke the mold of how a product could be
designed and manufactured.

Early success was found with a major land development company that was developing massive swathes of ocean front property into a new tourist destination along the Florida Gulf Coast. This partnership allowed Mike and Sea Shutters to grow sustainably and expand into many new markets in
coastal states and anywhere customers wished to have a truly lifetime product.

After their initial success, Sea Shutters relocated to a new facility in Blountstown, FL, that provided a larger facility. Our products were further refined while in Blountstown and began to be used all over the Southeast and coastal America. In 2005, Sea Shutters, Inc. moved to its current facility in Marianna, FL, and our 22,000sq ft. manufacturing facility was redesigned and set to work to cover the demand for our time-tested products.

Michael passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on. Our products are designed and built to last a lifetime, and we still attempt to espouse Mike’s original idea of Quality First and Value for Life. Mike believed that a well-built product can last forever, and that true value comes from a product that can last generations.

Today, Sea Shutters can be found all over North America, and in Europe. Our distinguished clients hail from California to Florida, and almost every state in between. Our products can be found at Disney World in Orlando, FL, international embassies in Washington D.C., and many well-known establishments across the United States. We have also worked extensively in Spain, Portugal, Israel, and Gibraltar.

Made in America

Sea Shutters began as one man’s idea, and is now respected as one of the premier voices in the fiberglass shutter industry. Our facility is state of the art and uses CAD and CNC controlled machines to ensure accuracy and consistency. While we believe in technology, every shutter we make is touched by many talented hands and inspected throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you will receive the best product available today. We believe in American manufacturing and all our products are made from American made raw materials by our in-house craftsmen. As we approach our third decade in business, Sea Shutters is poised to meet all of your quality shutter needs, both for you and for your descendants.